Become a Peak Saver and save money and our environment.

Free Nest thermostats, $950 pool pump rebates, free LEDs for commercial lighting.

Whether you’re a business owner, a local resident or a second homeowner, you can make a difference. South Fork Peak Savers is a program with incentives that help reduce electrical use in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton. Becoming a Peak Saver helps lower energy use at the most critical (peak) times – and can bring down your energy bill! When you make small changes they can lead to big savings.

FREE Nests & Rebates

Sign up for Rush Hour Rewards program and receive free Nest thermostats or rebates up to $500. Program available to new and existing Nest thermostat owners. Learn more.

Pool Pump Rebates

Receive up to $950 in rebates on ENERGY STAR pool pumps. Learn more.

Commercial Energy Savings

Give it 20 minutes and your business could save up to 50% on its electric bill. Learn more.

Click here if you are interested in any of the South Fork Peak Savers offerings (or our other programs) and would like to be contacted with program specific details and sign-up info.