South Fork Peak Savers

Important South Fork Peak Savers program update

At this time, ‘South Fork Peak Savers’ will not be enrolling any new customers into the program.  The program is no longer providing additional rebates for HVAC, pool pumps, or commercial lighting energy efficiency projects.  Click here for more information on the status of the South Fork Peak Savers program.

However, PSEG Long Island (PSEG LI) continues to offer rebates for certain measures.  If you are interested in applying for a rebate for your smart thermostat, please visit the PSEG LI website to enroll in their Smart Savers thermostat program.

PSEG-LI Rebates Are Still Available

Rebates and incentives are still available for:

“Thanks to the response and awareness of concerned residents and business owners in the Town of Southampton and the Town of East Hampton, ‘South Fork Peak Savers’ has achieved its initial energy sustainability goals that was set in 2017.  However, the issue of energy sustainability remains paramount on the South Fork and so it is critical that program participants continue to engage in efficiency practices that will sustain the energy savings that we have accomplished and help to preserve the unique environment of the South Fork.” 
– South Fork Peak Savers

Note, customers that continue to participate in the South Fork Peak Savers program will continue to receive the annual participation check.