Community Solar

Community solar projects are arrays of solar panels installed in a suitable offsite location. Community solar allows you to benefit from solar without installing panels on your home or business.

Anyone in the area who subscribes to a community solar project can access the clean energy produced by these solar panels and get credits toward their electricity bills.

To be a part of a community solar project you need to have an account with LIPA/PSEG-LI and find a community solar project in the LIPA service territory. 

Once you identify a community solar project you can ask about rates, conditions and subscription plans and subscribe to a plan that works for you. 

PSEG-LI will still deliver energy to you, and you’ll be credited for your portion of the power generated by the community solar project on your electricity bill.

To find community solar projects located in New York State click here (external website), then select PSEG as the utility in order to see Long Island projects.