Energize Announcements

Car Free Day Long Island is Friday, September 25th!

Take the pledge to reduce vehicle emissions and traffic congestion by going car-free or “car-lite.” Using alternate forms of transportation such as mass transit, carpooling, biking, walking or telecommuting help to reduce the impact that vehicles have on our community and the environment. Click here to take the Car Free Day pledge!

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Webinar

A video recording of the Aug. 17, 2020 webinar, speaker presentation slides and Q&A sheet can be found on the Outreach & Events page.

The Town Board is considering legislation that would enable exploring if CCA could benefit East Hampton. 

Community choice aggregation (CCA) allows local governments to procure power from an alternative supplier on behalf of their community. By aggregating demand, communities can choose greener power sources and potentially negotiate better rates for power supply. CCA can also provide discounts and incentives for various products and services.

Energize East Hampton Portfolio

Curious how the Town of East Hampton’s 100% renewable energy goals can be met?

It will require a diversified portfolio of energy technologies and approaches. Here is an overview of the energy portfolio.
Click on the icons below to learn more about them.
Home Retrofits Green Building Peak Savers Battery Storage
Solarize East Hampton Solar Parking Lots Community Solar Offshore Wind Energy
Community Choice Aggregation Heating Community Microgrid Mobility

Click on the above icons to learn more about each one.