Electric Demand Management

Demand for electricity always fluctuates. On the South Fork of Long Island, peak demand occurs during the summer months as more people use air conditioners, pool pumps, and other energy intensive appliances. Peak demand has been growing on the South Fork and is expected to continue to grow.

Electricity generation and the transmission and distribution system must be built and maintained to meet the highest demand of the year. When customers reduce peak demand they help to reduce both emissions and costs, while also deferring the need for more system capacity additions like fossil-fueled peak power plants and transmission lines. This is one reason why utilities may offer incentives to customers to reduce electric demand during peak periods.

PSEG Long Island (PSEG LI) continues to offer rebates for certain demand reduction measures. If you are interested in applying for a rebate for your smart thermostat, please visit the PSEG LI website to enroll in their Smart Savers thermostat program.

Rebates and incentives are available for: