Energy Storage

Image Courtesy of SUNation Energy

Energy storage is critical to New York’s clean energy future. As renewable power sources like wind and solar provide a larger portion of our electricity, storage will allow clean energy to be available when and where it is most needed. East Hampton is the first area on Long Island to have two utility-scale energy storage facilities, each able to provide power for 5000 homes for 8 hours, helping to meet peak electric demand during the summer months.

For homes and commercial buildings, battery energy storage systems can be installed together with a solar electric array. This combination can provide power during grid outages for your most critical uses (for example lights, refrigerator/freezer, computer/internet, microwave). New York State and PSEG-LI are now offering attractive incentives for energy storage which help reduce the up-front cost. Contact a solar installer for more information and pricing on residential solar + storage systems.

Create Peace of Mind During Times of Extreme Weather

SUNation Energy’s mission is to help you create peace of mind during times of extreme weather by harnessing the power of the sun to safeguard your energy supply. With cutting-edge solar technology on Long Island and advanced solar battery storage systems, they offer reliable and resilient energy solutions that can weather any storm.

When the elements unleash their fury, rest easy knowing that your home will remain powered, your loved ones protected, and essential appliances running smoothly. Our expert guidance and comprehensive approach empower you to fortify your energy infrastructure, paving the way for a sustainable and self-sufficient future.

By incorporating a Tesla Powerwall into your solar system, you gain the advantage of safeguarding your home during grid power outages. This sustainable energy solution empowers you to harness solar energy efficiently to power your household.

Notably, the Tesla Powerwall operates almost silently, setting it apart from conventional gas generators. To get more information, click the button below or call SUNation Energy directly at 631-818-2794!