Green Heating & Cooling East Hampton

Heat pump systems heat and cool your home or office without burning fossil fuels. No on-site combustion means no risk of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. And since heat pumps run on electricity, they can operate on power generated by renewable energy sources like solar or wind.

The Town of East Hampton’s Green Heating & Cooling campaign helps residents and businesses who want to improve how they heat and cool their homes and buildings.  Green Heating and Cooling East Hampton is designed to encourage the community to learn about cleaner and greener heating and cooling technologies and improve their energy efficiency.

Our campaign makes energy efficiency more easily achievable. Insulation and air sealing, together with an air- or ground-source (geothermal) heat pump system can provide great comfort, utility cost savings, and have a positive environmental impact against climate change by reducing greenhouse gases emitted from heating with fossil fuels. What’s more, heat pumps can be powered by renewably-generated electricity, which allows further reduction of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Heating & Cooling East Hampton makes it easier for you to evaluate whether replacing your current heating and/or cooling system makes sense.  We connect you with pre-qualified contractors and provide information on available discounts, incentives, tax breaks, financing and payment options. Fill our our contact form to get started, or keep reading to learn more about heat-pumps.

Save on Heating and Cooling & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Installing modern clean heating and cooling technologies, including air source or ground source heat pump systems, can reduce your energy costs, decrease your carbon footprint, and increase everyday comfort. When such technologies are paired with improved insulation and air sealing, the benefits are even greater.

Get Started with Green Heating & Cooling

Ready to find out if a heat-pump heating and cooling system is right for you? We have made it easy for you by:

  • vetting and selecting highly qualified heat pump professionals
  • negotiating discount pricing
  • offering free energy audits, weatherization and energy efficiency improvements, air-source heat pumps, and ground-source heat pumps through a single program

To get started, provide some information about your home or business, and our pre-qualified installation partner(s) will contact you with more information and to schedule site assessment.

Our pre-qualified installation partners can complete turn-key installations of heat-pumps and weatherization upgrades at a discounted cost only available to campaign participants, and will help you access other cost saving incentives, tax credits and low-interest loans.

Getting a home energy assessment from a certified building performance contractor can help make sure your heat pump will heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible. They will provide recommendations to help you decide what improvements are best for your home or business, and how to qualify for cost saving incentives and low-interest loans. Home energy assessments are available for FREE through our Green Heating & Cooling program provider Green Team Long Island.

View our Green Heating & Cooling webinar recording here. Webinar slides and Q&A can be found on our Outreach & Events page under Past Event.